Do chimps masturbate

Effect of mating activity and dominance rank on male masturbation among free-ranging male rhesus macaques

Masturbate do chimps

We get the urge because our ancestors did too, even back to the earliest mammals and reptiles. The diversity of animals that have been caught taking a bit of alone time goes far, far beyond dogs humping legs. It should be no surprise to anyone that our primate cousins are champion masturbators. They have hands, after all. The art of self-pleasure has been observed in males from about 80 species from ape to monkey to lemur, making it one of the most common and widespread primate sexual behaviors. Females from at least 50 species also get into the act, and they can get creative: for example, female orangutans and capuchin monkeys have both been observed using sticks and other plant parts as makeshift dildos. A male Asian elephant has a long, hefty penis that he can move around with a set of enlarged muscles at its base. What is it with the big blubbery handless animals?

Do chimps masturbateDo chimps masturbate

13 Animal Masturbation Facts That Will Make You Feel Better About Being Single AF

Masturbation, or autoerotic manipulation of the genitalia, is a ubiquitous practice across human cultures, though most empirical research on the subject is heavily biased toward Western sexual behavior. Though masturbation occurs in myriad animals, human masturbation is typically coupled with imagined or observed sexual behavior, which may introduce a unique quality to the human manifestation of this behavior, particularly given the exceptionality of human imagination. Human masturbation is also likely more ubiquitous compared to other species, and may display distinct patterns, though social taboo limits access to extensive data on the subject. Research on masturbatory practice by non-human animals almost exclusively focuses on male masturbation. Such studies have nonetheless observed autoerotic behavior in a diverse array of mammalian species. Masturbation appears to be particularly prominent in several non-human primate species, but is largely restricted to Old World monkeys and apes, while remaining rare in New World monkeys and absent in prosimians. In the few New World species that have been observed masturbating, ejaculation during masturbation is exceedingly rare.
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One reason why humans are special and unique: We masturbate. A lot

This post is part of Mashable's Masturbation Week. May is National Masturbation Month, so we're celebrating by exploring the many facets of self-love. But what about all those animals that aren't primates?
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The adaptive function of male masturbation is still poorly understood, despite its high prevalence in humans and other animals. In non-human primates, male masturbation is most frequent among anthropoid monkeys and apes living in multimale-multifemale groups with a promiscuous mating system. In these species, male masturbation may be a non-functional by-product of high sexual arousal or be adaptive by providing advantages in terms of sperm competition or by decreasing the risk of sexually transmitted infections. We investigated the possible functional significance of male masturbation using behavioral data collected on 21 free-ranging male rhesus macaques Macaca mulatta at the peak of the mating season.
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